100% CONTOUR WOOL TOP ALPACA PAD 3/4 "Classic Equine Made from 100% wool. The bottom is Alpaca wool felt, a special blend of alpaca fibers and wool provides unparalleled softness, incredible cushioning and flexibility while maintaining durability

32 "x 34" (81 x 86 cm)

Thickness: 1.9cm


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100% New Zealand wool blanket top. Alpaca felt bottom is a special blend of alpaca and wool fibers with incredible softness, cushion, and flexibility while retaining durability. Contoured to fit the horse’s back with cinch and wither cutouts for closer saddle fit. Cutout over withers to reduce rubbing. Blanket top folds back over withers for discreet shim placement

3/4" = 1.9 cm pad thickness.

Size : 32" x 34" (81 x 86 cm)

But what is the felt?

It is a "non-woven" fabric of natural wool origin, the fibers are amalgamated through heat, moisture and a friction effect without any other chemical binding component.

This manipulation gives the felt unparalleled properties. No other natural or synthetic fiber can replicate the natural and beneficial effects of wool felt. The wool felt has all the qualities of wool whose properties are as follows:

- Shock absorber and shock absorber
- Natural fan (absorbs moisture)
- Gentle for the skin
- Do not heat
- Forms on the back of the horse
- Natural

What are the advantages of pad with Alpaca wool:

In addition to the benefits of wool felt here is what Alpaca fiber offers:

- Renewable resource and respectful of the environment
- one of the most tensile fibers
- truly sustainable
- Light
- Dry quickly
- It does not retain odors or dust
- Hyppoallergenic

Alpaca wool fiber has the same name as the animal that produces it: ALPAGA
This fiber is a natural fiber, produced with respect for the environment.

Alpaca fibers are insulating and absorbent, each fiber is composed of small air cells that allow to evacuate the humditée released by the body of the horse during the effort to work or hiking. This allows an unparalleled thermo-regulation effect.

The fibers are incomparably soft compared to Mohair or Angora. The fibers are very thin, they do not contain lanolin which makes it hypoallergenic, it will not irritate the skin of your horse but if it is very sensitive.

Alpaca fibers are available in 22 natural colors, so there is no need to dye the fibers and are therefore environmentally sustainable and respectful for the future.

Finally Alpaca wool is the second most expensive fiber in the world.

Because its manufacture requires patience and know-how, in fact, the Alpaca females only gives birth once a year and the breeding of animals that have a gestation of 345 days on average can not be done by insemination because the future mother only triggers ovulation during mating and mowing is done once a year. Each mowing of an animal that is done in the spring produces only about 2,600 kg.



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