• ZONE™ FELT/FELT PAD Classic Equine
  • ZONE™ FELT/FELT PAD Classic Equine
  • ZONE™ FELT/FELT PAD Classic Equine

ZONE™ FELT/FELT PAD 31" x 32" Black Classic Equine

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Pad Zone Serie dimension 31 "x 32" (78 x 81 cm) with Zoombang insert. A technology tip for the well-being of your horse.


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Powered with a vented Zoombang insert that is scientifically engineered to dissipate energy, reducing injury and stress on equine athletes. Its breathable design remains securely in place, providing conformal layered protection. 1/8 blended felt top is designed to be used alone as a training pad or under a show blanket in the arena. Its durable orthopedic grade felt bottom absorbs moisture, remains soft and pliable, and provides excellent shock absorption. 1" (2,5 cm) total pad thickness.

Tomorrow's technology delivers superior protection today.

What makes the Zone Series different?

Science. Each Zone pad contains a strategically placed insert filled with cells containing a material called Zoombang. Zoombang is a leading edge polymer that is being employed to protect professional athletes in high impact sports such as football, hockey, and NASCAR, where weight is a disadvantage and protection is crucial. This viscoelastic polymer is a semisolid at rest, unchanged by temperature or age. This means it conforms to a degree for comfort. The real test of any saddle pad, however, comes upon impact. This is when Zoombang's molecular structure instantly stiffens, dissipating shock over a wider surface area and reducing the impact of the blow. In milliseconds, after the shock has subsided, Zoombang returns to its original state. When you need the ultimate protection under your saddle, pick up a Zone pad and put science to the test.


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